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Sidama Rumudamo G1

Located within the Arbegona area, Rumudamo is a small woreda dotted with coffee farms along the steeo slopes. This area is rich and has the ideal climate for coffee production in the Sidama zone of Ethiopia. Roughly 600 producers from here collect coffee cherries and deliver them to the Rumudamo Washing Station, run by our exporting partners in Ethiopia, Daye Bensa. The Washing Station also grows about 840 hectares of coffee here.

  • Farm Rumudamo Station
  • Varietal JARC Selection 74158
  • Process Natural
  • Altitude 1,920 to 2,330 meters above sea level
  • Town / City Rumudamo, Arbegona
  • Region Sidama
  • Owner 600 smallholder producers
  • Tasting Notes Jasmine, raspberry, guava
  • Farm Size Less than 5 hectares on average
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Sidama Rumudamo G1

The owner of the mill, Asefa Dukamo, was introduced to coffee at a young age as his parents were cultivating coffee and other garden crops. In his teens, he began to supply neighboring coffee washing stations with cherries purchased from nearby relatives and villagers in addition to his own family’s farm. He realized that there were not many washing stations nearby, and he had to travel great distances to deliver his coffee. Thus began the idea to construct his own washing station to reduce the travel time for coffee producers in his region.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia, widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee (to the chagrin of Yemen and Sudan, who have also laid claim), produces some of the most exceptional and dramatic coffees found anywhere in the world. From the bright bergamot and floral Yirgacheffe to the ripe fruit notes of Harrar, the unique flavours offered by this spectacular country have, over the last 10 years, become some of the most sought after in specialty coffee.