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Nicaragua and Supporting Producers

In the 20th century, due to political unrest and civil war, coffee farms were abandoned. And with Hurricane Mitch in 1998, much of the coffee infrastructure was destroyed, leaving a vulnerable coffee industry. Nicaragua is considered to be the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, so the restoration of coffee was important for the economy and small producers. Cooperatives helped rebuild the coffee industry, providing producers with access to markets, stable incomes, and resources to efficiently produce coffee. Today, coffee production supports the livelihoods of nearly 45,000 families in Nicaragua, representing 8% of the country’s exports. Most of these producers are smallholders, who require support from cooperatives or organizations to assist with market access, processing, and exporting. Mercanta work with some amazing partners in Nicaragua: Sajonia Estate and Cafetos de Segovia. These organizations support producers in Matagalpa and Jinotega to assist with processing and providing them with better prices for coffee. Coffees from these groups are available in the UK, EU, US, and Singapore. Feel free to request more information!

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Posted @withregram • @17gramscoffee Coffee Cupping at The Roastery.
Join us at The Roastery on Wednesday 11th, 11am for a cupping event with @mercantacoffee. We will be hosting a `Round the World` style session including up to 10 coffees from different countries. Join us in scoring aspects such as cleanness, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel, and aftertaste. Expand your knowledge about coffee and learn to identify differences between cultivars and countries of origin.

Free entry, just pop in.

Posted @withregram • @thebaristauk Happy International Coffee Day!! ⁠

From our giant pile of green coffee beans and a very excited (likely over caffeinated), Hannah ☕️⁠

May your beans be perfectly roasted and your milk beautifully steamed 🙏⁠


Posted @withregram • @londonschoolofcoffee 📣Announcement Alert 📣

London School of Coffee is Moving!!!

Our new slightly bigger location is now in Wandsworth (Closest station Earlsfield and Wandsworth Town) 📍

Bigger site for Roasting Training and Toll Roasting Services 🔥

Alongside all our SCA and Non SCA courses in all the coffee disciplines ☕️

We will still be offering some on-line courses but with the majority of courses being in-house at the new site 💻

Our course calendar does already have some dates on there but we will be adding more over the next few weeks. We hope to see you soon!!!!! 😊

If you have any question please contact our team at

Continue to enjoy highlights from our Nicaraguan live! As we discussed, our coffee journey has led us to explore fascinating coffee varietals, including Parainema and Java.

Parainema is a hybrid coffee varietal that was developed in Honduras. It`s known for its excellent resistance to coffee leaf rust, a common coffee plant disease. Parainema produces a cup of coffee with a unique flavor profile, often characterized by bright acidity, floral notes, and a medium body. It`s a popular choice among coffee producers in Central America due to its resilience and quality.

Java, on the other hand, has a rich history dating back to the 17th century when coffee was introduced to Indonesia. It`s one of the older and more traditional coffee varietals. Java coffee beans typically have a full body, low to medium acidity, and a unique earthy or spicy flavor profile. They`re often used in blends to add depth and complexity.

Exploring these varietals not only offers us a taste of their unique flavors but also sheds light on the diversity within the world of coffee. Feel free to reach out if you`d like to dive deeper into the world of coffee varietals or have any more questions. Enjoy your coffee journey!

Good morning! Ever wondered how we ship our coffee from Nicaragua? Watch this highlight from our Instagram Live to find out!

Share your thoughts below.

Get ready to meet and greet our dear friend and partner, Manfred Gunkel – the Nicaraguan coffee maestro, and proud owner of San Antonio and La Verona farms. Tune in to listen and learn about his fascinating life, family, and all things coffee! ☕🌱 #CoffeeJourney #MeetTheProducer #CoffeeConnection ...

Join us for some highlights from our live streaming with Manfred Gunkel in Nicaragua and get a sneak peek of our fresh coffee arrivals in the UK, US, and Singapore! ☕🌎 #CoffeeAdventures #GlobalBeans #CoffeeLovers#mercanta #arrival #greencoffee #nicaragua #coffeehunter ...

Meet our partners: Manfred Gunkel 🇳🇮


Join us for a virtual coffee journey ☕! We`re going live today at 5 PM London time with Manfred Gunkel a coffee producer straight from Nicaragua. Grab your favorite brew and tune in for an aromatic chat! ☕🌎 #CoffeeTalk #NicaraguanCoffee #liveat5 #mercanta #coffeetime #coffeehunter ...

Nicaragua`s coffee history is a tale of resilience and revival. From its origins with Spanish colonialists in the 1800s to the challenges faced during the 20th century, including political unrest and Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the coffee industry has persevered.

Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes within Central America, Nicaragua is a pocket for high quality coffee thanks to its rich soils and various microclimates.

Coffee has spread to three main production areas: Las Segovias, Matagalpa, and Jinotega; characterized by fertile, volcanic soils and lush vegetation.

Today, cooperatives play a vital role in supporting small producers, contributing to Nicaragua`s economy, and promoting sustainable coffee production. ☕🌱

#NicaraguaCoffee #CoffeeRevival #Nicaragua #Mercanta #Mercantacoffee #coffeehunter #coffee

Posted @withregram • @londonschoolofcoffee Online Coffee Tasting Course 🥄
(SCA sensory foundation)

This is a beginner`s course to cover the essentials of sensory evaluation in coffee. Students are taught practical skills balanced with theoretical concepts. Learn the 5 Basic tastes and aroma recognition, Concepts of Mouthfeel and How to apply key sensory concepts to the evaluation of the coffee’s intrinsic characteristics

📆 11th & 13th September (10am - 2pm)

For more information head to our website or email

🌿 Dive into our insightful conversation with guest Diego Robelo from Aquiares, as Stephen Hurst unveils an extraordinary view – Aquiares Farm: more than just a farm, a thriving community.

Don`t wait! Watch now 🎬

#costarica #mercanta #reels #specialtycoffee #coffeehunter

🙏 A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the Mercanta Europe Cupping Day an unforgettable event! 🌟 We had an incredible afternoon with wonderful people, savoring the captivating flavors of our African new arrivals coffees. ☕️ From the rich heritage of Ethiopia to the vibrant profiles of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. These coffees left us in awe. Here`s to the love of coffee and the joy of sharing this experience together! 🌍🍃 #MercantaEurope #CuppingDay #AfricanCoffees #CoffeeTasting #GratefulHeart
#mercanta #coffee #coffeehunter

Today is a day of celebration as we honor Stephen Hurst on his 60th birthday! Let`s raise a toast to a life filled with wisdom, joy, and countless cherished moments. Happy birthday, Stephen! May this milestone year be extraordinary in every way. 🎉🎂✨ ...

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