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Monte Alegre

For nearly 105 years, Monte Alegre has excelled at producing coffee in the heart of South of Minas, one of Brazil’s most prominent coffee-producing regions. This area is dominated by higher altitudes, rolling hills and a gentle climate – making it a prime coffee producing region in Brazil, responsible for 30% of the country’s coffee exports. South of Minas is diverse and comprised of a collection of larger estates and smallholder farms.

  • Farm Monte Alegre
  • Varietal Topazio
  • Process Anaerobic Natural
  • Altitude 900 to 1,200 meters above sea level
  • Town / City Areado
  • Region South of Minas
  • Owner The Vieira Family
  • Tasting Notes Raspberry, caramel, bourbon
  • Farm Size 18,000 hectares
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Monte Alegre

In 1917, the Vieira family purchased the land to initiate a farming enterprise that began with sugarcane in order to produce brown sugar and “rapadura,” or unrefined whole cane sugar. The Monte Alegre company was then founded in 1990 and delved deeper into the production of coffee. Over the past 30 years, Monte Alegre has focused more on producing specialty coffee and environmental conservation. The expansive 18,000 hectares include 2,000 hectares for coffee, with other areas for cattle, sugarcane, and corn.

About Brazil

Coffee was introduced to the country back in the early 18th century, which rapidly spread throughout Brazil, making it the leading producer of coffee worldwide.

Additionally, Brazil is the only country to utilize mechanized harvesting tools to assist with the extensive coffee fields. The flat topography of the country allows for the ease of machines to slowly comb through the coffee trees and remove ripe cherries. Advanced agricultural technology has allowed for the even harvesting of cherries and prevents uneven harvesting.

Today, the well-known coffee producing regions are Espirito Santo, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia.