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Lam Dong Blue Dragon

Coffee from this lot is produced by a collection of smallholder producers who sell their coffee to the Atlantic Commodities mill. Blue Dragon denotes the highest quality of Robusta at the mill, and this lot is carefully selected by hand to ensure this high quality is maintained.

  • Farm Lam Dong Blue Dragon
  • Varietal Specialty Robusta
  • Process Wet Polished
  • Altitude 800 to 1,000 meters above sea level
  • Town / City Bao Loc City
  • Region Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands
  • Owner Various smallholder producers
  • Tasting Notes Heavy body, spicy, popcorn
  • Farm Size 2 to 3 hectares on average
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Lam Dong Blue Dragon

600,000 hectares of land in Vietnam is dedicated to coffee production, 85% of which comes from family-owned farms. Nearly 650,000 familes grow coffee on plots of land less than one hectare in size. Primarily, this coffee comes from the Central Highlands, an area with high elevations and volcanic soil in Vietnam. Surprisingly, this area is responsible for about 80% of the country’s Robusta production. The Lam Dong Province sits highly in the Central Highlands, and is the source of this coffee. Producers will generally grow tea and tropical fruits in conjunction with their coffee.

About Vietnam

As the second leading producer of coffee, Vietnam is not known for its Arabica coffee production. Rather, it is a powerhouse producer of robusta thanks to strong government support during the recovery period after the Vietnam War. However, work at origin is helping promote Arabica production and high-quality coffee.