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Finca Los Pocitos

This coffee comes from the Saxony Estate Coffee organization, and their farm named Finca Los Pocitos. The farm is situated at 950 meters above sea level in the Jinotega region surrounded by native forests and wildlife preserves. The coffee grows with cocoa and other shady trees such as fruit and timber trees, to create an agroforestry system. This helps the coffee obtain nutrients naturally and promotes biodiversity of the area.

  • Farm Finca Los Pocitos
  • Varietal Sarchimor
  • Process Fully washed
  • Altitude 950 metres above sea level
  • Town / City Abyssinia, Peñas Blancas Nature Reserve
  • Region Jinotega
  • Owner Saxony Estate Coffee, S.A.
  • Tasting Notes Sweet, crisp, grapefruit
  • Farm Size 45 hectares
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Finca Los Pocitos

This farm teems with wildlife as 17% of it is preserved and part of the Peñas Blancas Nature Reserve. The farm is working to improve drinking water and living conditions for the surrounding Abisinia community.

During the harvest, the cherries are carefully handpicked when fully ripe and submerged in water to remove floating, or lower quality coffee. The cherries are then pulped, the exterior fruit being removed, and sent to the fermentation stage. Here, the coffee soaks for 17 hours to initiate the breakdown of the remaining sticky mucilage. The coffee is then washed in a channel of water to clean off any remaining mucilage or foreign matter. Once cleaned, the coffee is dried until the ideal moisture content is reached.

Finca Los Pocitos cares for the environment and the surrounding community – constantly working to improve both whilst producing excellent quality coffee. The water used for processing is carefully filtered and placed in an oxidation lagoon before being reintroduced into the local water systems.

About Nicaragua

Introduced into the country in the mid-1800s and forming a central position in the country’s economy for more than a century, coffee is currently Nicaragua’s primary export. Its production generates over $448 million dollars a year in exports, representing 8.2% of overall exports, and provides more than 200,000 jobs to locals.