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El Salvador
El Salvador

Finca La Providencia

Finca La Providencia is owned by Fernando Alfaro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez, who run the farm under the name INVERFINCA, SA de C.V. Both are fourth generation coffee producers in El Salvador and apply their cumulative experience and extensive knowledge to running the farm, which was acquired seven years ago with the idea of producing high quality coffee. Fernando and Jose have the primary goal of achieving high quality coffee production while producing high yields.

  • Farm Finca La Providencia
  • Varietal Yellow Caturra
  • Process Anaerobic Natural
  • Altitude 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level
  • Town / City Municipality of Tacuba in the department of Ahuachapan
  • Region Cordillera Apaneca and Illamatepec
  • Owner Fernando Alfaro & Jose Enrique Gutierrez
  • Tasting Notes Passionfruit, White Wine, Complex, Peach, Brown Sugar
  • Farm Size 70 hectares
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Finca La Providencia

The farm is located in Canton La Pandeadura of the Tacuba municipality, department of Ahuachapan. Situated between 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level, La Providencia occupies 70 hectares bordering a biological corridor near the Parque Nacional El Imposible. The wildlife in the area is diverse and the air is clean and fresh.

The farm is worked with an integrated farm management system which starts with soil analysis to identify soil deficiencies and to meet the unique nutritional and structural needs of the soil. The farm hires, on average, between thirty and fifty employees during the off-harvest season to complete key works such as: coffee pruning, windbreaker pruning, and application of chalk and lime fertilizers, herbicides and foliage fertilizers, and controlling diseases such as coffee leaf rust.

El Salvador
About El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest of the Central American nations, but do not let its diminutive size fool you. It produces exceptional coffees to a consistently high standard.

The history of coffee in El Salvador is inextricably linked to the development of the nation, itself. Introduced in the late 1880’s, coffee quickly displaced indigo as the country’s chief export, and by the 1920s, coffee accounted for 90% of all El Salvador’s exports.

Despite its small size, the country is efficient and able to maintain high yields thanks to the dedication of producers and the ideal climates for coffee production.