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Carloman Carranza Montenegro – Organic

Through extensive cupping, Carloman Carranza’s farm has been singled out as some of the top lots from the region this year by Alpes Andinos, our exporting partners in Peru. Carloman’s farm is located in the town of Gracias a Dios in the department of Amazonas, about 4 hours from the association’s headquarters in Jaen, high in Peru’s Cajamarca department.

  • Farm Carloman Carranza Montenegro - Guardián del Bosque
  • Varietal Gesha
  • Process Fully washed
  • Altitude 1,800 meters above sea level
  • Town / City Gracias a Dios – Lonya Grande
  • Region Amazonas
  • Owner Carloman Carranza
  • Tasting Notes Jasmine, lavender, peach
  • Farm Size 6 hectares
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Carloman Carranza Montenegro – Organic

Carloman lives in the village Gracias a Dios in the district of Lonya Grande and is skilled with the cultivation and production of coffee. In addition to growing coffee, he also raises cattle to diversify his income. The farm’s name, Guardian del Bosque, means ‘Guardian of the Forest,’ and was deemed so because Carloman protects a portion of his land as native forests to preserve flora and fauna.

About Peru

Coffee was introduced to Peru in the mid-18th century via neighbouring Ecuador but was not commercially exported until the late 19th century. Production was only increased significantly after the turn of the 20th century, when Peru’s default on a loan owed to the British Government saw over two million hectares of land transferred to Britain (under the name of ‘The Peruvian Country’) as a repayment. A full quarter of this was put under agricultural production, including coffee, and it was at this point that export trade began in earnest.