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Sidama Leli SWP Decaf

  • Farm Sidama Leli SWP Decaf
  • Varietal Local landraces
  • Process Decaf
  • Region Sidama
  • Tasting Notes Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Hibiscus
  • Farm Size Less than 1 hectare on average
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Sidama Leli SWP Decaf

This region is home to nearly 3.2 million people speaking the Sidama language with their own culture and traditions. Additionally, Sidama is prized with fertile soils, high altitudes, and an ideal climate for high quality coffee. The coffee industry, since the growth of popularity of coffee from Ethiopia, widely uses ‘Sidamo,’ but due to the aforementioned political changes, Sidama is the correct reference to the famed coffee-producing region.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia, widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee (to the chagrin of Yemen and Sudan, who have also laid claim), produces some of the most exceptional and dramatic coffees found anywhere in the world. From the bright bergamot and floral Yirgacheffe to the ripe fruit notes of Harrar, the unique flavours offered by this spectacular country have, over the last 10 years, become some of the most sought after in specialty coffee.