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Junieth Leiva de Soppexcca – #5 Super Mujeres

This year, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence held an auction to highlight the hard work conducted by female coffee producers in Nicaragua. This was called the Super Mujeres, private auction, of which Mercanta secured this special lot produced by Junieth Leiva.

Junieth has been a member of the Soppexcca cooperative in Nicaragua for a number of years, and the cooperative has helped her access better prices for her coffee, improve her living conditions, whilst also
providing training for the cultivation and processing of coffee. Specifically, Soppexcca is comprised of 16 different cooperatives, helping guide each towards gender equality, quality improvement, and reducing environmental impact of coffee production.

  • Farm Junieth Leiva de Soppexcca
  • Varietal Caturra
  • Process Natural
  • Altitude 850 – 1,000 metres above sea level
  • Region Jinotega
  • Owner Junieth Leiva
  • Tasting Notes Plum, Cinnamon, Blackberry
  • Farm Size 7.72 hectares
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Junieth Leiva de Soppexcca – #5 Super Mujeres

Junieth began her journey in coffee at the age of 12 when she joined ‘Coffee Kids,’ an educational group organized by Soppexcca to teach children about coffee production. She was a leader in the young environmentalist group and went to university to study agriculture. Junieth even obtained barista training to pay her way through university.

In addition to coffee, Junieth also grows bananas, citrus fruits, and wheat to diversify her income. The farm is known as Escambray because it is the name of the region where the coffee comes from.

About Nicaragua

Introduced into the country in the mid-1800s and forming a central position in the country’s economy for more than a century, coffee is currently Nicaragua’s primary export. Its production generates over $448 million dollars a year in exports, representing 8.2% of overall exports, and provides more than 200,000 jobs to locals.