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Joconte Estate

The Lempira Department is situated near the border of El Salvador, a prominent coffee-producing region in Honduras coated with rich soils and characterized by ideal climates for coffee. The village of Joconte is located here, in the town of San Andres, and is the home of the Joconte Estate, run by Adrian Castro Guevara.

  • Farm Joconte Estate
  • Varietal Catimor, Parainema
  • Process Fully washed
  • Altitude 1,700 metres above sea level
  • Town / City Joconte Village, San Andres
  • Region Lempira
  • Owner Adrian Castro Guevara
  • Tasting Notes Almond, Butterschotch, Milk Chocolate
  • Farm Size 6.9 hectares
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Joconte Estate

In his early twenties, Adrian ventured to the United States as an immigrant with hopes to build a life for himself. However, he was called back to his home in Honduras to take up coffee farming. Adrian lived with his family and helped work on the coffee farm, selling the beans to exporters in order to improve their overall income. Adrian began cultivating relationships with local coffee cooperatives to learn more about how to grow higher quality coffee and meet other coffee farmers. With his acquired knowledge and experience, he has become a prominent figure in Lempira, assisting producers with growing better-quality coffee and connecting them to exporters to improve their overall income.

Today he works on the farm with his son and has dedicated 28 years of his life to coffee. The Joconte Estate grows IH90, Catuaí, Catimor, and Parainema. Adrian also has a well-developed milling facility including washing canals and fermentation tanks.

About Honduras

Throughout the past century, coffee has historically been one of Honduras’ leading exports (alongside bananas), and since the mid-2000s, total annual coffee production has grown in leaps and bounds. During the 2009/10 crop year, Honduras produced approximately 3.6 million bags of Arabica coffee (already a big increase over 1999/2000). By 2014/2015, the country had become Central America’s top grower (and number 7 in the world), with a yield of over 5 million bags (all Arabica varietals). With the highest production per capita in the world and various business drivers keeping the industry growing, experts agree that it wouldn’t be surprising for the country to reach 8 million bags in the foreseeable future. All in all, the story is clear: Honduras is an excellent coffee-producing country with a plethora of untapped potential for specialty lots.