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Finca Alejandrita

Martha Morena Castillblanco acquired her farm, Finca Alejandrita, 7 years ago to combat the powerful force of larger coffee estates. That year, she gave birth to her daughter, Alejandrita, hence the name of the farm. Today, thanks to her careful agricultural methods and attention to crops – Finca Alejandrita produces excellent quality coffee.

  • Farm Finca Alejandrita
  • Varietal Red Catuai
  • Process Natural
  • Altitude 1,300 – 1,400 metres above sea level
  • Town / City El Salto Community, Datanlí - El Diablo Nature Reserve
  • Region Jinotega
  • Owner Martha Morena Castillblanco
  • Tasting Notes Ripe fruits like apple, nectarine and grape with a chamomile-like florality.
  • Farm Size 18 hectares
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Finca Alejandrita

Surrounded by the wild trees of the Datanlí El Diablo Nature Reserve, Martha ensures her coffee trees are intercropped with taller shade trees to create an agroforestry system. She carefully prevents soil erosion by planting live barriers, or a line of sturdy trees at the base of slopes to keep topsoil intact and healthy. These methods create a healthy environment for the coffee trees to maintain high yields and quality.

About Nicaragua

Introduced into the country in the mid-1800s and forming a central position in the country’s economy for more than a century, coffee is currently Nicaragua’s primary export. Its production generates over $448 million dollars a year in exports, representing 8.2% of overall exports, and provides more than 200,000 jobs to locals.