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El Embrujo

This coffee comes from a historic farm that medical student Don Octavio Rodríguez purchased back in 1969. Originally from a coffee-producing family in Cauca, Don Octavio reverted back to his roots when he decided to grow his own coffee at Hacienda La Palmera, a 6-hectare farm situated within the Caldas region of Colombia, also known as the Coffee Triangle.

  • Farm El Embrujo
  • Varietal Castillo, Colombia
  • Process Natural
  • Altitude 1,450 to 2,000 meters above sea level
  • Town / City Anserma
  • Region Caldas
  • Owner Ignacio Rodríguez
  • Tasting Notes Strawberry, Plum, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate
  • Farm Size 161 hectares
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El Embrujo

As a young boy, Don Octavio loved growing up surrounded by coffee trees. Once he completed his medical studies, it is no wonder he decided to go back to cultivating coffee. His diligence, efficiency and hard work allowed the small farm he purchased at the start of his coffee career, to grow to its now 161 hectares. He understands the land, how to grow excellent quality coffee, and even has a portion of his farm protected as natural wilderness.

Even more impressive is that Don Octavio succeeded in both growing coffee and becoming a doctor. He acted as a hospital director and started a family on his coffee farm. His son, Ignacio, now runs the farm and follows in his father’s footsteps.

About Colombia

Colombia is the third largest coffee-producing country in the world, and thanks to its vast array of unique microclimate, are able to have harvests throughout the year.

Commercial coffee cultivation began in the mid-1830s and spread so rapidly that throughout the twentieth century coffee already became the country’s leading export. A mountainous topography and many tropical micro-climates contribute greatly to Colombia’s reputation for ideal growing conditions, which – in turn – have helped Colombia establish itself as a recognisable origin around the world.

The diversity of coffee and profiles found across Colombia is enormous and coffee is harvested practically year-round depending on the region. The main harvest takes place from October to February with November and December being the peak months. There is also a second fly (or ‘mitaca’) crop several months later, again varying by region and microclimate.